HRRA - Historic Rochester Residents Association

Welcome to the Historic Rochester Residents Association web site. If you would like to see anything added to the site, please contact the Web Administrator using the Contact page on the site and he will discuss your request with the committee secretary.

Welcome to the HRRA – Historic Rochester Residents Association

The HRRA are a group of local residents who share a common interest in the future of Rochester as a stimulating, attractive and safe environment in which to live. Our aim is to promote the interests of those who live in the historic centre of the town. To this end, our preliminary objectives are:

1) to promote a strong and sustainable residential community in the area.
2) to be actively involved, where possible, in influencing council policy affecting the area.
3) to lobby the council and other agencies where we believe that existing policies and services are not being effectively delivered.
4) To develop ideas and initiatives aimed at the improvement of the local environment for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Achieving these aims will involve forging connections with existing associations and interest groups within the town. We already have established links with the High Street Traders Association, the Cathedral, the High Street Neighbourhood Watch and the City of Rochester Society.

If you are a member of the public and live in the Rochester area and would like to join the HRRA – Historic Rochester Residents Association, please contact the Secretary via email on